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          Sodium sulfide crystal

          Product Name: Sodium sulfide crystal (Na2S.5½H2O)
          Property: White particle, it has stable quality and low accessory constituent; it is white, odorless and oxidizable in contact with the air.
          Packing: Net weight 25.0kg/bag. Inside is double-layer plastic film, hot sealing; outside is woven bag, stitch it up on a machine.
          Precautions: Protect from rain, damp, heat during transportation and storage, avoid contacting with acid and corrosive articles.
          Use: Mainly used in engineering plastic, rubber, silica gel, chemical detergent, medicine, health-care food additive and other industries。
          Technical Index:  

          Item Index
          Sodium sulfide (Na2S), ω/% ≥ 44.0
          Sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3), ω/% ≤ 0.40
          Sodium sulfite (Na2SO3), ω/% ≤ 0.30
          Iron (Fe), ω/ppm ≤ 5
          Water insoluble matter, ω/% ≤ 0.012
          Sodium carbonate, ω/% ≤ 0.15
          Appearance White crystal